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About the Foundation

The Danish ATV Foundation

The Danish ATV Foundation on Soil and Groundwater is an independent, non-profit organisation, founded in 1998 with the objective to promote, enhance and exchange knowledge and research within the field of remediation of soil and groundwater contamination.
The foundation works to initiate and stimulate education, research and development as well as promoting the professional debate within this sphere.
The Board of the foundation is an assembly of highly skilled individuals from Danish environmental consultants, authorities, universities and research institutions, all appointed by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).
All members of the Board carry out this task on a non-commissioned basis. For further information please contact the secretariat
Each year the ATV Soil and Groundwater organises about 10 conferences, day meetings, courses and excursions where delegates from universities, research institutions, environmental authorities and consultants meet to discuss, exchange and develop knowledge. ATV Soil and Groundwater also takes an active part in organising international conferences like i.e. NORDROCS – Joint Nordic Meetings on Remediation of Contaminated Sites every second year and also the AquaConSoil Conference in 2015 held in Copenhagen.
For further information please contact the secretariat: